Furnace Tune Up Calgary

Furnace Tune Up Calgary

Furnace Tune-up Calgary


Most furnaces will last for several years, helping to keep your home heated during the cold season and preventing freezing and related problems. To keep them in great shape, you will need to maintain them properly. Furnace tune-up in Calgary is also very important if you want efficient heating that won’t run up your utility bill. If at all your furnace breaks down in the middle of the heating season, don’t hesitate to emergency furnace repair in Calgary, AB, to forestall further damages to your HVAC system and the entire property.

As the foremost Furnace repair company in Calgary, Air Force Heating can always get your furnace fixed on time to prevent further damage and restore comfort. However, a time will come when furnace repair won’t work again. Furnaces, like all machines, have their normal lifespans. When they exceed these lifespans, they will become more of liabilities than assets to the properties they are used to heat. At such instance, furnace replacement will be the right thing to think about.

When To Tune-Up/Repair Your Furnace Vs. When to Replace It

Knowing when to repair your furnace and when to let it go will help you avoid unnecessary expenses. It will also help to keep your home warm in the most efficient manner. But it is always tough for most people to make the call. Here are five important considerations that should inform your decision to either repair or replace:

  • Age of Furnace

The average lifespan of a furnace is 15 to 20 years. If your machine is approaching 13 years, the chances of failing more often will be much higher. You should start thinking of replacement. If it is below ten years, repair will always solve the problems.

  • Frequency of Repairs

The frequency of repair can be another major indicator of a furnace that needs to be changed. If it keeps failing and costing you lots of money to repair, you should consider replacement.

  • Noticeable Change in Energy Bill

Energy usage is expected to rise a little bit when you start running your furnace consistently in winter. You should have an idea of how high it can get. When you notice an abnormal change in energy bills, it may be an indication that your furnace is working too hard to heat the property. It is time to replace.

  • Strange Noises

When you have an older furnace that is working too hard to heat your home, it will likely be making rattling, popping, or banging noises. If this is the case with your machine, even after a recent repair, it may be time for a change.

  • Burner Flame

When natural gas burns, it produces a blue flame. If you notice yellow flame at the top, it is an indication that combustion is incomplete, and your furnace is producing carbon monoxide. Replacement will be the best option at that point.

Should you repair or replace your furnace? If you are not sure, call in the experts to help you determine the best solution. Contact Air Force Heating and Air Conditioning to schedule service: 403-463-7700.


Furnace Tune Up Calgary

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Furnace Tune Up Calgary

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