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Air Force Heating & Air Conditioning

(403) 463-7700

3011 33a Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2B 0J9

Our HVAC service area in and around Calgary.

Calgary, High River, Black diamond, Turner Valley, Okotoks, Strathmore, Langdon, Chestermere, Cochrane, Foothills No 31, Rocky View county, Airdrie, Irricana, Beisker, Crossfield & Carstairs.

Why Calgarians continue to choose Air Force Heating & Air Conditioning

Experienced Journeyman Estimators- We believe in our quality and refuse to rely on strongarm sales tactics to win your business.

We’ve all been there, that awkward meeting with a salesman who seems to only care about his sale and nothing about our budget or concerns. They seem to know very little about their industry and offer very little experience or confidence building traits, they’re just smooth talkers.

In our own personal lives, we hate when we’re put in those situations, so why would we ever want to do that to someone else, especially one of our potential clients!

All our consultations are performed by an industry professional with real installation and service experience. We have chosen this way for TWO reasons.

One (Pricing Guarantee). We want to bring pricing guarantees to our industry. Accurate quotes based on your homes demands and your needs. To offer our Pricing Guarantee we need 100% accurate proposals, only an experienced tradesman can help protect us and you from any price changes once the project starts.

Two (Stress free). Detached sales. We don’t want pushy salesman representing our company, we aim for a stress free and easy process. Transparency and “right selling” not up selling being of high value to us.

Guaranteed Sizing- One of the key points to a successful installation is properly sizing the equipment. With newer high efficiency equipment, accurate sizing is more critical now than ever.

Short cycling is a major killer of efficiency and longevity. Newer equipment can’t candle abuse like the older units from yesteryear, like everything else these days.

Newer equipment is quieter, more efficient and can heat homes more evenly, but their weakness is breakdowns. More than 90% of these breakdowns can be accredited to improper sizing and poor operation and not manufacturing quality. Newer furnace parts cost a lot more than older models so good installation contractors and warranties are very important these days.

Short cycling is caused by too large of a unit being installed. It quickly heats the core of the home but not the outlying areas, causing the unit to turn on and off every 5-10 mins or so.

The other side of the coin is under-sizing. Units to small can’t handle the heating demand, they struggle to heat the desired area and they seem to run forever. This is also very bad.

Newer furnace models are designed to operate less frequently but run longer. Think cruising on the highway verses driving around town. We all know we get better fuel economy and longer life out of our vehicles this way.

We perform proper and thorough Manual J calculations, also known as heat loss or heat gain. We are one of a handful of local companies that take the time to perform this calculation and give you a copy of the report. This backs up our proposals with 3rd party accreditation, protecting you, the manufacture, the local wholesaler and our company owner.