Furnace Service Calgary

Furnace Service Calgary

Furnace Service Calgary


Calgary residents know why it is very important to have an efficient heating system in place. In the peak of the summer, even one hour without your heating system can make your home extremely uncomfortable. Worse than that, the excessive cold can actually cause your pipes to freeze, burst, and cause further damage to the HVAC system and your entire home. This is something you should never risk. A 24-hour emergency furnace service from Air Force Heating and Air Conditioning can save you the troubles.

Regular furnace maintenance and tune-up before the heating season can help keep your furnace and the HVAC system in top shape throughout winter. This is especially true if your furnace service is handled by Air Force, the foremost furnace repair company in Calgary and the surrounding area.

Even when your furnace and entire HVAC systems are properly maintained, an issue can arise during the heating season. You don’t want to wait until the furnace breaks down completely and then call for Calgary emergency furnace repair. Once you notice the signs, contact your furnace repair company.

Signs it is Time for Furnace Repair

Here are the major signs that it is time to call for furnace repair

Cold Home

This is one of the biggest signs that you need help immediately. When your home is getting colder, fixing the furnace is crucial to avoid further damages.

Scraping Sound

When your furnace starts making scraping sounds, it is normally an indication of problems with the ball bearings, blower belt, or both.

Rattling and Rocking

This is something you should never ignore, even for a day. It can be an indication that your furnace is releasing some toxins into your home. You need to contact the experts immediately.

Flickering/Yellow Pilot Light On

This may seem like a non-issue. Sometimes, it can be something as simple as a loose burner light screw. It can also mean that your furnace is releasing excess carbon dioxide in your home. Get help immediately.

Why should you choose Air Force Heating and Air Conditioning?

At Air Force Heating and Air Conditioning, we have demonstrated over the years that we are a premier furnace repair company. We have been recognized as the most trusted name when it comes to the HVAC industry in the southern province. Top of the line furnace repair in Edmonton and Calgary is just one of the things we are known for.

At Air Force, we have professionally-trained staff members who are experts in their fields. They are readily available for consultations and always willing to help you solve your heating and cooling needs. Our 24-hour around the clock furnace repair and maintenance services for Calgary area homes are second to none.

Do you need any of our services? Contact Air Force Heating and Air Conditioning to schedule service: 403-463-7700.



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Furnace Service Calgary

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