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Why do Calgarians continue to choose us?

We are grateful for everyone that has employed our services over the years.

Here are the top reasons clients continue to choose us over our competitors.

Experienced Journeyman Estimators

We’ve all been there, that awkward meeting with a salesman who seems to only care about his sale and nothing about our budget or concerns. They seem to know very little about their industry and offer minimal experience or confidence building traits, and they’re just smooth talkers.

In our personal lives, we hate when we’re in those situations, so why would we ever want to do that to someone else, especially one of our potential clients!

You can expect industry professionals with real installation and service experience. We have chosen this way for TWO reasons.

1.Pricing Guarantee

We bring pricing guarantees to our industry. Accurate quotes based on your homes demands and your needs.

To offer our Pricing Guarantee, we need 100% accurate proposals; only an experienced tradesperson can help protect you and us from any price changes once the project starts.

2.Stress Free Sales

Detached sales. We don’t want pushy salesman representing our company; we aim for a stress-free and easy process. Transparency and “right selling” being of high value to us.

Guaranteed Sizing

One of the key points to a successful installation is properly sizing the equipment. With newer high-efficiency equipment, accurate sizing is more critical now than ever.

Short cycling is a significant killer of efficiency and longevity. Newer equipment can’t handle abuse like the older units from yesteryear, like everything else these days.

Newer equipment is quieter, more efficient and heat homes more evenly, but their weakness is breakdowns. 

These breakdowns are due to improper sizing, poor installations and not manufacturing quality.

Newer furnace parts cost a lot more than older models, so good installation contractors and warranties are critical these days.

Short cycling & Under-sizing

Short cycling is caused by too large of a unit installed. It quickly heats the core of the home but not the outlying areas, the heater turns on and off every 5-10 minutes or so.

The other side of the coin is under-sizing. Units to small can’t handle the heating demand, they struggle to heat the desired area, and they seem to run forever.

Newer furnace models are designed to operate less frequently but run longer. Think to cruise on the highway versus driving around town. We all know we get better fuel economy and longer life out of our vehicles this way.

Manual J Calculations

Heat Loss & Gain Report

We perform proper and thorough Manual J calculations, also known as heat loss or heat gain.

We are one of a handful of local companies that take the time to perform this calculation and give you a copy of the report. These reports back up our proposals with 3rd party accreditation; protecting you, the manufacturer, the local wholesaler, and our company owner.

Thermal Imaging & Airflow Tests

Thermal Imaging

It’s alarming how many Calgarians are unsatisfied with their current heating and cooling equipment. There always seems to be that one area of the home that infuriates them.

During our consultations, we inspect these areas and find solutions to solve the issue(s). These problems typically fall into two categories, insulation, and air flow. 


We find airflow to be the most common culprit. Long supply or return runs, partially disconnected runs, not enough runs and small runs all weaken your air flow. No supply or return runs, blocked runs, and fake runs all offer no air flow at all.


Subpar insulation is a common finding too! That’s why the thermal imaging.

To offer proper & legitimate solutions, we first need to identify the problem(s). A new furnace won’t solve all these issues, though many would make you think they would. Before we promise anything, clearly identify your problem is paramount.

Detailed & Itemized Proposals

Handwritten quotes are quickly becoming a thing of the past! I am eternally grateful because my penmanship is embarrassingly bad.

Selecting and purchasing a new furnace is a big decision and for most, a significant purchase that you will have to live with for quite some time.

If possible, you will want to take your time and weigh all your options. There seems to be an endless sea of contractors, brands, models, warranties, and opinions that can make one’s head spin.

Part of our process is clearly explaining all those options and putting a few proposals together that suite your homes needs, budget and expectations. The emailed bids are itemized, detailed and precise.

We want you to be able to make a sound decision based on the stellar information.

If emailed proposals don’t tickle your fancy, we can print them off and leave for you and your families review & discussion.

We believe this all about you, and once again we try and make the process as easy and stress-free as possible.

Flexible Payment Options

In this day and age, we can purchase the items we want or need in numerous ways. We’re proud to offer a plethora of payment options.

The only purchasing option we don’t endorse is renting. If you do some digging, you will discover that only one person wins in a furnace or air conditioning rental program and that’s the contractor.

We deem the rental scheme currently infecting our industry to be one of the biggest scams going.

We accept e-transfer, cash, certified cheques, Visa and Mastercard.

Also, we offer numerous “open loans” with no “early payment” penalty financing options; zero percent 12 equal payments, 60-month deferred payments, 60-month low interest and up to 120-month loans.

Evening & Weekends

Get an estimate when it suits you.

Even though a lot of Calgarians work from home and are readily available during the day, we have found that most Calgarians prefer evenings and weekends for these kinds of meetings. To be honest so do we.

Purchasing new heating and cooling equipment isn’t high on most peoples “I enjoy doing” list and not something consumers do on a regular basis. Most people may only purchase one or two units in their lifetime. It’s an item that takes time to understand all the details and make an educated decision.

We enjoy guiding our clients through the process and find the evenings and weekends are when most people are available. We prefer to meet you at this time then rely on a loved one trying to re-explain everything accurately and correctly; it can push even the best relationships to the edge.

Free No Obligation

We get asked a lot, I mean a lot… “All this is free”?

Yes, our consultations are 100% free and include far more than what our average competitor offers. We are so confident in our process, values, products, and pricing that we are okay with giving you an hour of our time and for free.

Proudly Serving Calgarians since 2005!

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