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When choosing a new furnace Calgary, choose a trusted name!

Investing in a new furnace is a big decision and probably one you'll only do a few times in a lifetime. If you purchased a new house or even to use one and already came with the furnace. So chances are you'll only have to buy a new one yourself maybe once or twice in your whole lifetime. When choosing a new furnace Calgary, choose a trusted name!

An Air Force heating and air-conditioning we've been around since 2005 with hundreds of satisfied customers and in fact we just got nominated for the top choice awards in Calgary.
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top choice awards Airforce Heating and air Conditioning has been able to do this with the advent of new technology furnaces that are more efficient than ever and anyone who has a furnace in Calgary that is 10 years or older should think about getting a new one and saving money.

To take full advantage of this new update and Save money on electricity and gas with a new high efficiency furnace, customers can visit the website at http://airforceheating.com/calgary-furnace-replacement/ for full details.

Airforce Heating and Air Conditioning is excited to unveil the latest benefit for current and new customers who want to "Beat out old man winter" and save money by designing a program to meet the needs of Calgary Home owners.

On this subject, Dennis Patenaude, Calgary home owner said: " My wife and I decided it was time to get central air installed. I received three quotes on the same unit and Air Force's quote was best by almost $900. Ivan of Air Force took the time to explain the benefits of the unit and the installation process. We went with him and could not be happier. They showed up when they said they would, placed drop clothes to not make a mess, swept up after themselves and his crew acted in a professional and courteous manner. When they were finished Ivan once again took the time to show me the finished product and how to operate the unit and complete the warranty registration. All-in-all a perfect experience and I highly recommend Air Force!"

Airforce Heating and air Conditioning has made a point of listening to its customers and taking feedback wherever possible. They reportedly do this because Customer service and satisfaction is their #1 concern and they always make sure their clients are happy.

Having been in business now for 11 years, Airforce Heating and air Conditioning strives to to become the most recognized brand of heating and air conditioning companies in Calgary. This dedication has made them known among customers as a truly hard working company that clients love and recommend.

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