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Turn your Calgary home into a cool sanctuary

The Ways To Maximize Your Home Comfort This Summer

There are basically two seasons in Calgary, cold and hot, but Calgarian's are really resilient. Just take a look in your community in winter and see how many people are barbecuing on their deck covered in snow. Here are some cool tips and tricks to stay frosty all summer long.

Turn your Calgary home into a cool sanctuary

1. We can make your house cool Calgary, get with the program!

As you might have noticed things are a changein. We had warm weather almost 2 months early this spring and summer, and while that may be a fluke and also may be a trend. If you haven't decided to get on the bandwagon yet and you're sweltering in your home we can get you a sweet deal on air conditioning to keep you cool all summer.

2. Just Say No to the stove!

It's July long weekend, Canada Day celebrations coming into effect, for 2016 and with that in mind, it's going to be a hot one! So why make it hotter by turning on your oven? There are lots of other alternatives that are cool and taste great, salmon, chicken and tuna salad, Greek salad, Caesar salad, potato salad, coleslaw ( homemade recipe) just by coleslaw from Safeway or superstore, make the sauce yourself, 1cup mayonnaise, 1/4 cup white vinegar, 1/4 cup white sugar. You're going to have to use this recipe and tweak it to taste, less vinegar are less or more sugar. You get the picture though there's no reason you have to make the house any hotter, stay frosty!

3. Dark and mysterious, okay just close the blinds.

Blinds, sunscreens are sunshades, if you close them in the morning after cooling the house down in the evening, can really reduce the amount of heat you create in your home by up to 60%.

4. Take a dip, go to an outdoor pool.

Calgary has many great outdoor pools, just go on Google or go here, you can find relief in your backyard, or maybe you have a neighbour who has a pool (in Calgary, whatttttt?) Let your friends know.

5. The basement is my sanctuary

Have you ever noticed your basement is about 10° cooler than the rest your home. That's because the hot air rises and cold air settles, so if you're really hot take your TV, iPad, laptop, open Netflix and watch TV downstairs.

6. Take It Outside, may be a sprinkler park in your area.

Calgary also has some really cool places to go to, sprinkler parks, outdoor pools, heck even turn your sprinkler on and run through, (just make sure you're wearing the appropriate attire) and have fun, who's bringing this slip and slide?

There you have it six great ways to stay cool in Calgary this summer. But really of your home so hot you can't bear it, give us a call.

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