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Maintenance Tips for Calgary Air-Conditioning Systems

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Maintenance Tips for Air-Conditioning Systems

Spring is just around the corner and as we all know it's a good idea to have all your electronic equipment and high ticket items like your car serviced frequently to make sure that they last long and function properly. This particular is not only applicable to your motor vehicle, television and refrigerator, however also to your air conditioning system.

If your air conditioning system is functioning but your home is not cool, then you probably have a glitch in your distribution unit. Your condenser and evaporator to your central AC system are sealed or potted, which is among the many reasons why a certified technician has to be called out for maintenance purpose other than the everyday cleaning which you can normally do to keep your system running in the right way. You will find few repairs or fixes which the typical homeowner can easily do on their own when it concerns with central air; however there are particular maintenance jobs which you cannot do on your behalf. At this point, you need to seek the services of reliable maintenance firm like Air Force Heating-Air Conditioning. It is one of Calgary's most reputable air conditioning and heating companies.

Servicing an AC unit should be left to the professionals. They have equipment knowledge and experience to do it properly. If we talk about periodic easy maintenance, you ought to perform the different activities in sufficient light. the simple things you can do yourself is keep your outside compressors clean, dirt free, spray off the cobwebs, but when it comes to anything else make sure you call a professional like Airforceheating and a conditioning.

To make sure that your air conditioning unit functions properly there are several things that you need to take into account on monthly basis. These things will increase the efficiency of your air conditioning system and reduce the total running cost of your AC system.

  • The first thing is that you need to clean the air conditioning filter on a monthly basis. The blocked filter will have the negative impact on your unit and it work harder and also consumes more and more electricity for cooling your home. If you find your filter to be damaged or broken during monthly maintenance, get it changed or replaced immediately.
  • Next comes, the ducts and registers of the air conditioning system must be cleaned. Additionally, go to the reputable firm in order to clean them after everyone or two years.
  • The air conditioning compressor unit should be cleaned or washed with a cloth. You need to wipe away any grime or any dirt which has settled on the compressor as this result in rusting. After compressor cleaning process, after that check the drainage pipe as well as also check different hoses. Whether they’re damaged or not. In case you find any type of damage to the hoses, contact the expert company to check them and also have them changed or replaced immediately. This will prevent the gas from leaking out. One of the most important things to realize is that if the gas in your compressor is not properly topped off, then your coil in your furnace could freeze and crack. This could lead to an expensive repair of more than $2000. This is probably the number one thing that we see at Airforceheating and conditioning that consumers don't do, which is to get their coolant tested every 1 to 2 years to make sure that the compressor is topped up properly.
  • When the cleaning process is complete, ensure that all the panels are properly secured and in the right place. If this is not the case, screw them properly.
  • The maintenance on a monthly basis will help you to boost the efficiency of air conditioning unit and save your time as well as money on electricity bills. Air Force Heating-Air Conditioning is one such reputable Firm you can easily rely upon without much trouble. This will answer all of your queries related to the compressor and gas. The repair costs around $2000. So make sure this spring you get your compressors outside tested and refilled.

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