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Air Conditioners Calgary | Air Conditioner Calgary

It's Air Conditioning Season, Are you ready?

Do you need Air Conditioning Calgary?
Keep cool and comfortable when it heats up outside with an air conditioner you can rely on. Our home air conditioners and central ac units kep you cool on the hottest days with reliability and efficiency you can count on year after year. Looking for someone to Repair or Service Your Air Conditioning Unit, Click Here!
Airforce Heating and Air Conditioning is excited to unveil the latest benefit for current and new customers who want to “Stay Cool this Summer!” and save money by designing a program to meet the needs of Calgary Home owners.

On this subject, Dennis Patenaude, Calgary home owner said: ” My wife and I decided it was time to get central air installed. We looked up Air Conditioners Calgary and Air Conditioner Calgary on the internet and found three companies and I received three quotes on the same unit and Air Force’s quote was best by almost $900. Ivan of Air Force took the time to explain the benefits of the unit and the installation process. We went with him and could not be happier. They showed up when they said they would, placed drop clothes to not make a mess, swept up after themselves and his crew acted in a professional and courteous manner. When they were finished Ivan once again took the time to show me the finished product and how to operate the unit and complete the warranty registration. All-in-all a perfect experience and I highly recommend Air Force!”

No matter whereyou live, air conditioner maintenance is going to be essential for keeping your air conditioner to operate at its peak possible.
Spending a little bit of money now especially at the beginning of the season to check your levels and make sure all your lines are clear, will end up saving you thousands and thousands of dollars in the end.

Another thing we find for your respiratory health can depend on the air conditioning maintenance is to make sure you regularly change your filters. As your filters and vents are made clean, the service tech will have a chance to determine if there is a buildup of fungus, dirt and other items that could result in some serious lung problems for you.

At the same time, compressor gas levels will be checked and the tech will ensure that you get that your system operates at its peak levels. You'll be amazed how making sure that your compressor gas levels are topped up will result in just how cold the air is that your air-conditioning can pump out. Another big surprise will be your compressor not having to work anywhere near as hard and then this will greatly reduce your summer bill and help to offset the cost of the annual air conditioning maintenance. If you want to take those savings further, consider some of these other cost saving tricks.
Close your curtains. You might not realize this, but windows that are covered can actually reduce the temperature a room gets by as much as 20 degrees.
Always seal your doors and windows. A considerable quantity of cool air is lost through the cracks in windows and doors. In fact, you can lose as much as 30% of your cool air daily through these cracks.
Ceiling fans can help. Instead of cranking down your air conditioner, take the time to use a ceiling fan to cool off a room. You'll find it can feel as much as 8 degrees cooler in the room and that can help you to remain comfortable at a fraction of the cost.

Be open to replacing the unit. Sometimes an air conditioner repair isn't going to be enough. Older units don't run efficiently and they can increase the overall cost you will pay in electricity fees.
At Air Force heating and cooling our air-conditioning services cover all types of a/c and cooling systems, including residential or commercial applications. airforce heating and air conditioning is dedicated to providing our clients with prompt, professional and friendly service. Our goal is to stay in touch with any changes in the industry of a/c, we are always up-to-date on the latest and most current information and services.  Our motto is “to serve our customers with the extensive knowledge and expertise we have gained the industry of air conditioning , while continually offering them the finest quality in customer service.” Give us a call today and allow us to answer any questions or concerns that you may have. We look forward to speaking with you.

Air Force Heating & Air Conditioning is a proud distributor of Trane products.

Air Conditioner Calgary

Trane XL18i A/C

Two-stage cooling with the Trane XL18i offers flexible family comfort, with the ability to cool every room to the right temperature efficiently. So even the hard-to-cool parts of your home will be easy to relax in.

  • Up to 18.00 SEER
  • Two-stage Climatuff® compressor
  • Exclusive Spine Fin™ coil
Energy Star Efficiency Price
Yes Up to 18.00
Trane XR16 Air Conditioner Calgary

Trane XR16 Air A/C

The reliability you’ve come to expect from Trane and the energy efficiency you deserve. The XR16 offers up to a 18.00 SEER rating when matched with Trane variable speed furnaces, air handlers and Comfort Coils™.

  • Up to 18.00 SEER
  • Climatuff® compressor
  • Exclusive Spine Fin™ coil
Energy Star
Up to 17.00
Trane XB13 Air Conditioner

Trane XB13 Air A/C

The XB13 combines innovative components that give long-lasting, reliable performance. And because the XB13 meets federal SEER regulations, it’s also cost-effective.

  • Up to 14.50 SEER
  • Climatuff compressor
  • Exclusive Spine Fin™ coil
Energy Star
Up to 14.50