What is the BEST furnace brand?

The million dollar question.

Simply put, installation is far more important than the badge on the front.

Not what you’re looking for, I know. But hear me out. I’ve serviced and installed most brands and all created happy clients.

It pains me to say it but, the key isn’t so much the brand but the exact recipe that suits your needs, budget and the guy you like or trust.

Also, not all makes and models are available in every region, town or city. Each city has their unique distribution and support networks.

All furnace manufacturers have multiple equipment lines.

Premium Brands & Value Brands.

The premium brand is their flagship and customarily protected. It’s usually only offered to established contractors with a reasonable reputation and considerable volume numbers per year.

The value brands typically have lesser warranties, smaller contracting companies and a few cheaper components. Surprisingly though, some are exact copies of the premium line! Just a different badge.

Lennox has Armstrong Air and Air-Flo. Daikin has Amana and Goodman. Trane and American Standard have Ameristar. Etc.

The reality is that with today’s globalization, for the most part, all of the components are made by the same manufacturers and interchangeable with each other or universal replacements can be used.

We choose TRANE!

Clients should know that there are three variables to consider when selecting a brand of equipment.

The manufacturer, the local wholesaler and the dealer/contractor network.

Air Force Heating + EMCO HVAC + Trane is a proven winning combination.

We have been a Trane premium dealer since day ONE. Our decision to use Trane factored three criteria.

  1. Quality products that are reliable, affordable and a well-backed warranty.
  2. Readily available. Distribution of products and parts is paramount.
  3. Tech support. We wanted a dealer support network that cared about its dealers.

Trane has been around for over a century. They’ve proven to be a leader in the industry and have the most strenuous product testing ever witnessed.

It indeed, is HARD to stop a Trane.

Emco HVAC is one of the largest and best stocked suppliers in the city. Parts, products and materials always available. A key point when wanting to offer top level service to our clients.

Air Force Heating prides itself on quality at a fair price. Premium products installed and serviced by seasoned journeymen team members being key to our continued success.

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