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3 Other Reasons Calgary Residents Need Better AC in the Summer

It’s warm, sure, but this isn’t the only reason for revisiting your air conditioning system. In fact, when you look at the concerns to come with summertime in the greater Calgary area, cooling may simply be considered icing on the cake. The problem, is that few residents understand how threat levels change with the arrival […]

Why Dad Needs the Gift of HVAC for Father’s Day

Last month we released an article on why your mom will appreciate a new air conditioning system for Mother’s Day, so it’s only fair that we follow up with a little something for the dads out there. Of course, dads are rarely as content as moms, who appreciate the smallest of gestures, which is why […]

How to Achieve More Eco Friendly Air Conditioning in Your Home

Air conditioning and the environment have long had a complicated relationship. But alas AC is a necessity in the summer months in the greater Calgary area, which leaves eco-conscious homeowners wondering how they can better manage their air cooling and quality needs in a manner that also considers environmental impact. For starters, kudos to you […]

Happy Mother’s Day! Why an Air Conditioner is a Gift That Keeps on Giving

Mother’s Day is upon us (at press) and while many moms will be getting wilted flowers, handmade cards, and overcooked breakfasts in bed, we have another idea that the mom in your home will appreciate quite possibly more than any other gift – a new air conditioner.  Say what? That’s right. Your head of household […]

How Air Conditioning Improves Mood

Tip #1 – A/C makes indoor ice cream last longer! We touched on this topic briefly when we delivered our article on the top five health benefits of air conditioning, and even dropped links to scientific research on how A/C can reduce anxiety. In fact, there are numerous studies regarding how commercial businesses are using […]

How to Make Your Air Conditioner Last Longer

You’ve come to terms that even in Alberta you simply can’t live without your air conditioner. The question now, surrounds how to increase the life of an installation so that it serves your home and household for many years to come. As greater Calgary’s premier AC maintenance provider we are here to provide insight into […]

Air Conditioning Myths Debunked

Air conditioning may not be the most mysterious topic out there in the world of the unknown, but there are absolutely myths and misconceptions that could be preventing people from living in comfort. With hot summer days coming before you know it, we’re going to address and debunk the myths you may have heard so […]

5 Health Benefits of Air Conditioning

On the surface, when people think of air conditioning, they imagine the cool and comforting air that allows them to escape internal temperatures of a warm spring or summer day. But what many don’t realize, is that when you invest in premium air conditioning, you invest in the health and wellness of household occupants. Think […]

Do You Need Air Conditioning in Calgary?

Too early to start talking about A/C in our neck of the country? Not at all, especially when you consider the fact that prospective homeowners continue to pose the question found in the title of this article. So let us start with an answer – yes, you do need air conditioning in Calgary and the […]

Don’t Break Up With Your Furnace Just Yet!

Should you hold on awhile longer? Whether you find this article before or after Valentine’s Day you already know that many people are reassessing their relationships at this time of the year. And when it comes to the majority of households, we all know the most important union to ponder – the one with your […]

Protecting Your Home Investment with Better HVAC

When reviewing real estate investment protection initiatives you typically hear about homeowner or mortgage insurance policies and the like. However, there is one word, or should we say four letters, that you must consider if safeguarding your greatest asset is of upmost importance. That’s right, HVAC is one very important key to keeping the sanctity […]

How to Improve Ambient Comfort in Your Home

The word ambient gets tossed around the sales floor at IKEA more than Swedish meatballs. But to be fair, it does have a few varying definitions that all apply to the interior comforts of your home. In the most general sense it applies to the surrounding area or environment of a space, collectively encompassing light, […]

Installations That Will Help You Save Money on Home Utilities in 2019

The new year is upon us and most of you are setting resolutions to improve your quality of life. Among your worthy new goals, is the pledge to tighten up ship when it comes to finances, and if you’re a homeowner you know exactly where that begins. The monthly expenditures that come from owning a […]

Why Give the Gift of a New Furnace This Holiday Season

You’re going to need a bigger box (but you get the idea) Stuck for a Holiday idea for that special someone in your life? Want to make the largest possible impact on not just Christmas Day, but beyond? Aside from parking a red bow adorned Lexus SUV in the driveway a new furnace installation takes […]

Free Calgary Furnace Size and Price Calculator!

Price is always a key factor when purchasing anything. Here is the breakdown to help you understand the range of pricing on furnaces. The short version; $3,200 to $6,500 for the equipment, materials, permits, and labor. Why such a big range? Furnace efficiency, warranties, brands, equipment add-ons, unit size and install application vary from home […]

Get 3 Furnace Quotes! What to Expect.

Be aware that furnace and air conditioner sales associates are primarily commission based, and they don’t get paid unless you purchase. Mutual Respect Give the contractor your undivided attention and time. They can only help you if they know your issues, goals, and budget. Expect about sixty minutes for the process. Contractors offer different opinions, brands […]

3 Reasons Why You Will Regret Furnace Rental!

If you think cell phone contracts are bad, they’re nothing compared to these. Furnace rental has become the new option for Western Canadians. Many contractors are contemplating whether to jump on board. Equipment rentals are the most lucrative revenue stream for Home Comfort companies, but a terrible option for homeowners and at some point, contractors, […]

Insider truth concerning furnace warranties.

When I was a service tech, I dreaded warranty calls. Sales associates over valued the basic warranty. I had to deal with the aftermath.  Heat Exchanger Warranties All furnaces in Canada come with a manufacturers warranty. HEAT EXCHANGER warranty & PARTS warranty. Heat exchanger warranties have become very important in the past ten years “cracked heat exchanger(s)” is the #1 reason why […]

What is the BEST furnace brand? A winning TEAM

The million dollar question. Simply put, installation is far more important than the badge on the front. Not what you’re looking for, I know. But hear me out. I’ve serviced and installed most brands and all created happy clients. It pains me to say it but, the key isn’t so much the brand but the […]

Furnace Installation & Service Trends You Need To Know.

We’ve noticed a few new trend(s) in our city and it isn’t for the better. Due primarily to the economic downturn, competition is getting fierce to earn your heating or air conditioning business. What some contractors are doing to cut costs and stay competitive despite increased products cost, gross overhead or poor management is getting […]

High-Efficiency Furnace Models Simplified.

We provide simple explanations of the “common high-efficiency furnace models” purchased in Calgary and area. Furnaces have two sections. The upper cabinet houses the heat exchangers, drainage system, inducer motor and gas valve. The lower, the circuit board and blower motor. When dealing with efficiencies and furnace models, the two key components are the gas value (gas […]

7 Steps to installing a new furnace. What to avoid.

When installers first arrive they should always review your work order and confirm the details with you. Laying drop clothes and moving small items from the work area and pathway is an industry standard. A quality installation averages six to eight hours with two technicians. Step #1 Remove and dispose of the old furnace. You want a […]

TOP 6 Furnace Installation Horror Stories!

My list of things I’ve seen and heard while working in this Industry… People need to be aware of the potential dangers of hiring incompetent, unprofessional contractors. Measure Twice & Cut Once! I’ve seen pics of more “hole coring” mistakes than I’d like to admit, but this was the first. Concrete coring is commonplace. When […]

Why do Calgarians continue to choose us?

We are grateful for everyone that has employed our services over the years. Here are the top reasons clients continue to choose us over our competitors. Experienced Journeyman Estimators We’ve all been there, that awkward meeting with a salesman who seems to only care about his sale and nothing about our budget or concerns. They […]

5 Ways to Get Your Home Winter-Ready

Winter came in hard and fast in Calgary this year which means right now is the time to ensure your home is prepared for the winter season! Spending a few moments inspecting your house today can help you save a lot of time and money later. Waiting could mean taking your chances with a burst […]

Don’t get caught in the cold! 5 signs it might be time to replace your furnace

When the cold Canadian winter sets in, your furnace becomes a vital piece of your household operations. The colder temperatures are outside, the harder your furnace has to work to keep it warm inside.  The good news is that with regular maintenance and yearly service visits you can extend the life of your furnace by up […]

The Complete High-Efficiency Furnace Buying Guide

Many people assume that installing a new furnace is like purchasing a new fridge, stove or washer and dryer. But in reality, a new heater requires much more work, and you should be very picky about who you select to perform the task. Purchasing a new furnace can be daunting and frustrating, but it doesn’t […]

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