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Reznor V3 UDAP

45,000 Btu/hr


Garage Heaters are on the rise and Air Force Heating is leading the way.

Quality products and professional installation at an affordable price.

Whether you’re wanting to heat your garage to protect your vehicle, keep it warm for your loved ones, or so you can tinker in the winter, Reznor Forced Air Unit Heaters are Calgary’s #1 choice, with best in class efficiency and reliability.

Reznor gas-fired, power vented models have a higher initial cost than similar vented models, but will save you money on fuel costs over the life of the equipment. UDAP heaters are designed for 82-83% efficiency and are CSA certified.

Reznor UDAP units are the perfect solution for Calgary’s cold winters. They efficiently heat garages and workshops increasing your usable work space during the long winter months.

How Long Does it take to install?

On average our installations take about 4 hours (existing gas within 19’ of unit). Typically mounted to the ceiling and vented out the side of the garage with stainless steel venting.

What is the Cost?

The average for a quality gas garage heater to be supplied and installed in Calgary is $2,500 + tax You can find smaller contractors on Kijiji that are closer to $2,000 and larger companies upwards near $3,500 plus. You have to decide who is the best fit for you and your budget.

Forced Air Vs Radiant Garage Heating

Calgarians have two types of natural gas heaters to choose from for their garages.

A “forced air unit heater” using a fan to blow the warmed air like a furnace OR a low intensity “infrared tube heater” that radiates and warms surfaces.

In Alberta, natural gas is still the most economical choice for heating spaces. The mentioned units are considered mid-efficiency (83% or less) and are a great balance between upfront affordability and operational costs.

Both options require gas line, exterior venting and an electrical hook up.

To conserve energy, garage heaters should only be considered when installing in buildings that have a minimum of 6 inches insulation in the attic and 4 inches in the walls. If the application has less than this, you’re going to waste a lot money and energy.

Each option comes in various sizes and determined by the square footage, height of ceiling and the R-Value of the application. In our region, a quick ball park calculation can be done using 85-115 btu per sqft. 85 btu per square foot for newer, better insulated applications and 115 btu per square foot for looser, older applications.The biggest difference between radiant and forced air units is how they perform and how they feel. Infrared Radiant heaters take longer to feel the warmth because they first have to heat the items in the garage, but once the concrete floor is heated up, the environment feels more comfortable and consistent. One of the down sides is both you and objects need to remain a fair distance away from the heat source, especially vehicles. Also, tools siting in tool boxes/chest will remain cold.

With forced air unit heaters, you feel the warming effects quicker but it can take noticeably longer to reheat an area after the garage door is opened & closed. If you plan on working with stains and paints on a regular basis, you will want to turn the unit off or go with radiant because the fan on forced air units can stir up sawdust or small debris. The upside is with these models you can use the “fan only mode” during hotter seasons or to help with ventilation.

Infrared heaters are normally hung at the back of the garage, angled down on a 45-degree angle and pointed straight at the garage door. Normally suspended 7 feet from the floor and 4 inches from the ceiling.

Forced air units tend to be placed in the corner and pointed across to the other corner. They normally can be installed within 1 inch of the ceiling and approx. 18” from the wall (serviceability) and have louvers to direct the heat.

Typical garages are best heated with forced air units. They’re considerably more compact and installed out of the way, saving precious space for working. Garages with high ceilings tend to be heated better by radiant tube heaters. You don’t have to worry about all the hot air rising to the ceiling or hitting your head on the tube.

Air Force Heating & Air Conditioning only installs Reznor Forced Air Unit heaters at this time. We find that most applications are better suited for them and most Calgarians prefer these models once given all the necessary information to make an informed decision.

Which Garage Heater Brands are Available?

We sell & install Reznor but here are a few other brands available in the city.

REZNOR– This brand is from NORTEK and is backed by a very good warranty. The V3 series is available as either standard or sealed combustion units. The control offers fan only operation which allows you to run the fan and circulate air in the garage without burning gas. They have a titanium stabilized heat exchanger for durability and offer an optional stainless-steel heat exchanger and a two-stage gas valve for added comfort. The RHeco units are high efficiency condensing heaters with modulating burners. They have durable stainless-steel heat exchangers.

HOT DAWG– This brand is from MODINE and offers six sizes of units to meet just about any need of a garage/shop. They are low profile units and even offer a sealed combustion model for greater efficiency. The warranty is not as good as some of the other brands.

LENNOX– The LF 24 series units are available in four sizes. They are low profile units and can be vented through the sidewall instead of the roof. They have a durable tubular heat exchanger and a good warranty. The TUA models are sealed combustion units for greater efficiency.

MR HEATER– This brand is from the ENERCO GROUP INC. The Big Maxx line offers low profile units in two sizes. They have a durable tubular heat exchanger and are backed by a good warranty.

STERLING– This brand is from MESTEK INC. The Garage Guy model is a low-profile heater with a durable tubular heat exchanger. They have a stainless-steel burner box for added durability and are available as standard or sealed combustion units. They offer an optional two stage gas valve but the warranty on the brand is not as good as some of the other brands.

Our Guarantees to You

Everything we do is backed by our Complete Satisfaction Gaurantees to protect you, your home and your loved ones:

  • Sizing Guarantee - if the equipment we recommend and install doesn't heat or cool your home properly we will upgrade to larger size at no cost to you. Or we can remove completely and refund the full amount paid.

  • Pricing Guarantee - The price quoted on your agreed proposal will be the price you pay. If the estimator misses an item that would increase the cost of installation, it will be covered at a loss to us. Your price will not change once the work commences. **only exception - if offset in chimney which is an unknown variable in some cases.

  • Home Protection Guarantee - During the installation process, if any damage (minor or major) occurs to your property due to our negligence, we will repair or pay someone to repair at no cost to you.

  • Workmanship Guarantee - All our installations are performed by Alberta licenced journeyman. We guarantee 100% satisfaction in regards to quality of our work.

  • Install Date Guarantee - We will perform your installation on the agreed date. If we cannot honor that date, you will be compensated $500 via cheque.

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